Monday, March 14, 2011

Pi Day...3.14

My niece is a high school math teacher.  God bless her.  Really, like who loved math and all its derivatives?  Not many of us.  Thus, not many really good math teachers.  She loves Pi Day.  March 14.  Get it????

In honor of Pi Day make a pie for a math lover in your life.  Be it a teacher, student, engineer, carpenter, or anyone who can balance a checkbook.  Everyone loves pie!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Three Monkeys

You know those three monkeys: See, Speak, and Hear no evil.  They are rather funny and cute.  Anything to do with monkeys is funny.  Those three monkey tenets are what we should be doing on a daily basis.

Three things to remember is way better than ten things to remember.  Ten Commandments versus the Three Monkeys.  A no brainer. Not that there is anything wrong with the Ten Commandments! 

See no evil.  I like that one.  It covers a lot of area.  Evil is a broad encompassing term.  I'm petty sure evil is stuff that should be off limits to humans.  Here is my list of some of the things I find quite evil: murder, cruelty, hate, abuse, neglect, greed, hunger, filth.  I'm pretty sure the monkeys think we should always make sure that evil things do not happen, that way we won't have to look at it. According to the monkey, one should have no evil to see.

Speak no evil.  Another good one.  Evil words have started wars.  Evil words destroy.  Kind words teach and build.  There is power in speaking.  We speak with our hearts and with our mouths.  I'm thinking we should all probably pay more attention to what we are saying.  Speak is a pretty smart monkey.

Hear no evil.  This one got me thinking.  What does evil sound like?  I think it sounds like hate.  I think it sounds like lies.  I think it sounds like gossip.  The monkeys are wanting us to not sit around and listen to evil stuff.  Sit, as in to do nothing.  We are to stop the sounds of hate.

Without saying a word, those three monkeys have pretty much said it all.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Mess not with the cook, for she has powers yet to be shown and you have opposing thumbs.  See that sink full of dirty dishes?

Life is full of events.  Some fortunate, some not so fortunate.  So, hold your family near and choose your friends with care.

Love is what makes everything bearable, even if only for a moment. I'll take moments.

The cook don't cook what the cook don't like.

Use your super powers.  We all have them.

A messy cook is a happy cook, for she has help.

Act like you really love them, then, you will.

Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil.

Marriage vows are a good plan. When it gets rough, refer to the plan.