Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Me and God have this mutual admiration thing going on

I know, quite a topic.  I take a rather simplistic view of God.  I always have.  I was brought up in the Lutheran church.  I have spent most of my life seeking God in all the wrong places. Different churches, different religions and it all boiled down to to one thing....Love.  You see, I have found God everywhere I want to be.  Everywhere I need to be.  Everywhere.

It took all of my life to finally understand that God is really Love and that is pretty much it.  No need to not do this or not do that.  No need to memorize and quote endlessly.  All I need to do is to love every single day of my life.  Jesus said it all. 

Love the Earth and take care of her.  Love the Lord and be so very thankful.  Love people.  Love to help. Love to love. 

I'm pretty sure God does not care about a lot of stuff that people think He cares about.  I'm thinking He wants us to take care of each other.  Make life easier for each other.  To love one another in the process. 

I'm also pretty sure he's not real fond of people blaming Him for everything.  Come on, seriously, like He made a tornado to wipe out a town?  Tornadoes are a result of the laws of nature and physics.  So are earthquakes and hurricanes. So are meteorites and comets.  How do people get off saying stuff like that? 

I think a lot about all the people who have said one must believe "their way" or you will go to hell.  Excuse me.....hell????  Hell is sickness and starvation.  Hell is war and fighting.  Hell is not taking care of each other.

On the other hand, Heaven is getting along.  Heaven is tending to the needs of others to make their lives a bit nicer and easier.  Love.  Get it.  Can you imagine if love was the basis behind every decision a leader of a country made?  Or if love was the basis of every decision a corporation made?  We would have life a whole lot easier than it is right now. 

I get a kick out of people who say their God is not the same God I pray to.  That's like saying the air I breathe is not the same air they breathe.  Same God, different way of going about it.  Some people feel comfortable in all the trappings and teachings of a religion.  Rote words and actions to be done daily. I myself prefer spontaneous prayer and thanksgiving.  I want my heart and soul open to the love around me.  That's it. 

I like to read a variety of spiritual books.  I get something out of each of them. There are many religions because there are many types of people.  I would be that free spirited soul who people roll their eyes at.  But remember......the same God and it's all about the love.