Thursday, July 18, 2013

When are you going to stop laughing?

After the country funeral, the sister-in-law rounded us all up to meet at a favorite country restaurant on the highway for a quick dinner before we all go our separate ways homeward.  We did the car shuffle.  I went with the daughter and grand daughters, the dad and grandson went with my husband, and the mom went with her daughter-in-law and grand daughters.  I'm detecting a theme here.

We followed the lead car, since they were from that part of the country, and the Mister was following us.  The daughter and I began talking immediately.  Updates on extended family, school goings on, and other life happenings that just never make it to the phone calls we have. Laughter was the key component in our conversation.

We saw the sign that said Bolivar, our destination.  So, we turned.  Right after turning, Daughter saw the lead car had not turned.  Oh well, we would all get to the destination.  Mister was right behind us.  We began to laugh.  We had come to the realization that we were four females in a car, had no cell service, we were the only car with no GPS, and we didn't have a map.  But, we can read signs! 

We drove on a curvy, hilly  two lane road.  Beautiful country of woods and farms. Still laughing like crazy. The phone rang, it was the Mister.  He wanted to know why we weren't following the lead car.  We were laughing so hard we finally got it out that we had just turned at the sign and only after turning did we see the lead car had not turned.  He, who is used to his wife and daughter laughing uncontrollably at times, said okay and hung up.

After our round of laughter subsided, the little grand daughter in the back seat piped up "When are you going to stop laughing?".  We both started to laugh again and said "Never!" at the same time.

We made it to our destination and the daughter and I were not allowed to sit next to each other. 

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